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Rice is such an Asian staple that we also found it in the second dessert we had, the Kao Niew Mawang (s./ 35), a round-shaped cake of glutinous rice covered with fresh slices of mango.

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The answer to that is that we were never designed to live on the diet that is very prevalent these days.Our diet causes our cells and organs to work overtime because of the excesses we force on them.Thai food is amongst my favorite cuisines and I am certainly not the only one who thinks that way.Thai food, in fact, ranks amongst the most loved cuisines in the world according to surveys done across the globe.It is fantastic that just like other foreign cuisines Thai restaurants are slowly finding their way into the highly competitive Peruvian gastronomic scene.

Aji 555, Real Thai Cuisine is located in a house that is within the limits of Surquillo and San Borja.It is a popular dish amongst Aji 555 customers, we were told.It was time for the curries so we had the Pla Chu Chee (s./49), fried fish covered in red curry, kaffir lime, and coconut milk, and the Chicken Green Curry (s./42), a thick greenish curry with few pieces of chicken, both somehow disappointing.Reporters were given access to the area at the Huaca Pucllana site on Thursday to view the mummies belonging to the Ychsma people, who lived along Peru's central coast roughly between 1,000 to 1450 AD.One of the tombs had a skull and other bones next to pot-like artifacts that were being excavated.We also tried their Chilcano with Kaffir Lime (s./12), a citrus fruit native to Asia, but available in the garden, and very much used in Southeast Asian cuisine.