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IPS is an integrated solution that helps automate and ease the complexity of managing system software on Oracle Solaris 11 by integrating patching with package updates.

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It'll still upgrade just fine, the failure's just log noise. EDIT: [jimp]: For issues updating from RC (or older) to -RELEASE: If you see "unable to check for updates", make sure you have pf Sense-base installed (check the output of "pkg info -x pf Sense").Published March 2012 Oracle Solaris 11 includes a new package management system that greatly simplifies the process of managing system software helping to reduce the risk of operating system maintenance, including planned and unplanned system downtime.This can be done by clicking the Request Certificates link.Once you have successfully logged in, you will see a list of entitlements for different IPS package repositories that you have access to.IPS is a network-centric package management solution.

Software developers, or , make software available in software package repositories that can be installed using the package utilities on client systems.

This is an optional step that allows you to identify the key and certificate further.

For our case, enter in the Comment (optional) field.

When you next upgrade, the system will spit out an error and may claim the upgrade failed, but will continue and reboot.

The repo-devel package had to be removed as part of getting to a final release, and unfortunately not a way to make that not error out on already-installed systems.

Using IPS, you can reliably install or replicate an exact set of software package versions across many different systems and get a much clearer understanding of any differences between the software versions installed on any given systems.