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This particular one I didn't have recorded anywhere it seems.

So I could try all my codes, but Apple decided that I must wait 1, 5, 15 and then 60 minutes between each attempt. So I could go through the rest of my codes, one every hour, or I could try and work out how to restore my phone.

There must be a way to reset the i Phone but still restore my apps and their data. Just restore the i Phone and don't restore from a backup.

The revelations came the same day Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein discussed how the FBI is ramping up outreach to state elections boards and the private sector in an effort to combat cybercrime.Hi, I set restrictions on my iphone to disable in-app purchases so that my children don't rack up a bill on my account.I don't need to convince my children not to reset my i Phone, they wouldn't do that and besides it takes too **** long!(nearly done now) So I appreciate what you're saying about security, but this is just parental control on the i Phone we're talking about, nothing else.That explains why bandwidth used by Stream TV won't impact a subscriber's internet speeds.

Data caps have come to the fore recently as Comcast began enforcing a wider trial of a system that caps most users in select areas at 300GB per month.That sounds a lot like a tricky loophole to avoid running afoul of FCC regulations.The FCC has no specific rule banning cable companies from exempting their own services from data caps, but it can review such arrangements on a case-by-case basis.In addition, bandwidth used by the service won't impact your network speeds — Comcast will route Stream TV data over bandwidth you aren't paying for, so your internet speeds won't drop while you're watching TV.Needless to say, competing services like Netflix, Play Station Vue, and Sling TV enjoy no such advantages.Unfortunately I've forgotten the password and now I need an in-app purchase for Co Pilot navigation app. Boz Um, I think you've gone slightly off track here.