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They first settled in the Barossa Valley near Tanunda.

It is hard to imagine having to spend 4 months, from May to September, on a small ship, on rough seas, with sea sickness, basic rations and the needs of small children to be met.

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By 1848 some Jesuit priests - banished from most of Europe - had arrived in the district known as Sevenhill, to join and support the English, Irish, Polish, German and Silesian settlers.These settlers were predominantly farmers who (among other supplies) brought in grapevines, and commenced setting up the vineyards - the ancestors of the famous vineyards in this prestigious wine region of today.EARLY BEGINNINGS The history of Clare Valley and surrounding districts commences with the arrival of the HMS Buffalo in 1836.William John Hill explored the region, discovering the Clare Valley in 1838.They're not just beautiful, but also educated, usually sincere, friendly along with what really matters they may be have a great power to love passionately.

If you offer them sincerity, kindness, affection, and loyalty, in exchange, you may receive the love, care, wonderful life partner and pampering that you would only imagine having.

On 11 September 1844, the ship “George Washington” arrives with 164 passengers.

Among them are four Polish families from the Prussian province town of Gross Dammer (now Dąbrówka Wielkopolska in Poland): Młodystach, Wallent, Krollig and Stanitzki.

The federal prisoners, many behind bars for violent offences like attempted murder, sexual assault and first-degree murder, have written blurbs highlighting their personal qualities — and, in some cases, their crimes.

“Not something I am really proud of,” Alex Nikoloski writes in his profile.

A further two years passes, before the Prussian government agrees to issue passports.