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So, whats the explanation for this disproportionate amount of sausage?

Do all the women move to other countries and the guys stay behind?

Yet, unfortunately, his observations seem quite on point.

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PS: this guy's spelling and abusive use of "lol" reminds me of the great GBFM. Who knows what his game's like, and the average Estonian dude certainly has none.

If you're on CS, try to read the whole thread, because it truly is hilarious.

For portuguese guys is pretty normal and expectable. The girls from Portugal are hard as hell to get, seriously, but if you had to get her I would say make sure she is potentially interested in you (note that her being overly friendly and touchy with you is normal for Portuguese people) and then wine and dine her. Well, in the UK you can get laid by just getting a girl drunk (which is easy, because pretty much every woman in the UK is either an alcoholic, has syphillis or both).

Because portuguese women are generally sober throughout the day and night, it elevates the game a little.

Girls feel and are put on the spot, and tend to be rather defensive. We don't have have a word for it, we simply go out.

It's certainly nothing like Britain where everybody will talk with everybody. Quite frankly, foreign as this may sound to you, I still don't get dating and believe it's fucking stupid. In a nutshell, you're inviting someone to go out but conveying even before going out with them, that you are already romantically/sexually interested. And more importantly I feel it doesn't fit the kind of progression I initially talked about in the first point.Not necessarily by catholic values in the sense that they follow church rules by the book, but their values is still shaped very much by their mothers and grandmothers, who in large part still obey these traditional values, including girls should not be very active in the dating scene.So they'll give you the cold shoulder because in their minds that's the right thing to do or other people might start to talk about you.Fuck that shit, I'm not even gonna bother to get shot down in flames by a 6-7 Portuguese girl, when I have much better chances at anything with a hotter foreign chick in Portugal I even got cockblocked by a female friend of mine, WHAT THE FUCK?this guy lays it down exactly the same way I see it: "I think you got a good grasp of how portuguese women are like.When you think you have it in the bag, most likely you're not even close.