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I thought about her a lot and then the next week she asked me if I wanted to go downstairs for a drink after the choir.

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So I went on a date with this guy and we clicked instantly.

He lives in a another country where I visit pretty often. But the actual problem is that he doesn't know that I am transgender and I really wanna tell him but don't know how.

For ballet I told them I was transgender before the classes, I felt it was important for them to realise that I was transgender and I have to say they were marvellous.

The teacher, the school owners and fellow students were all really accepting and I loved it.

As many woman reading this will identify – most of us have a hang up about our bodies in some way or another.

We either hate our weight, our breasts, our thighs, our nipples, our muffin tops – I could go on but you catch my drift.For me it was being able to express myself in a way I never really had before. It was January 2015 one cold and windy evening at choir that my life was about to be changed forever.I’ve left now, but I intend to go back as soon as I have the availability to enable me to. For the first time in a new situation socially I took the decision to not out myself. As I made friends over the coming weeks and months of people in the choir of course people I became close to either guessed or I told them. A guy who I had always gotten on with brought his daughter to the choir and as soon as I saw her I did a little intake of breath. That night we were sitting chatting and it was as if she and I were the only 2 people in the universe. She was everything that I ever wanted in a relationship and more. The sex I have just keeps getting better and better.She says she was sent an email stating that she had violated their terms of service but refused to tell her specifically which term she violated.For any woman the whole idea of dating is one that terrifies most of us.Can you give me any suggestion on how to tell him without him freaking out right away? There might be a tiny possibility that he accepts the fact but I don't know. I am scared of getting rejected again I'd say give it more time.