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However, it may not play if you display the slide with the SWF file a second time while the file is open. In the Action Settings dialog box that opens, choose the Run Macro option, choose the macro from the drop-down list (“On Slide Show Page Change” in the previous example), and click OK.

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Your macro Macro Security and choose a different setting.If you choose the setting to enable all macros, I recomment that you change the seting back to its original value when you’re done presenting.You'll be able to ask any tech support questions, or chat with the community and help others.The best way to apply custom list styles to all slides in your presentation is to modify the slide master.You can use numbers or bullets, but it treats all lines of text as a single line, resulting in a single bullet or number.

To stop creating bullets or numbers and return to text, click Bullets or Numbering again to turn it off.Any list customization you make to the slide master will be saved and applied to all your slides.You can also edit or create one or more slide layouts that include your customized list styles, and add these layouts to your presentation wherever you want to use your list styles.Check to make sure you're putting bullets or numbers in a Text box, and not a Title box.In a Text box, you get a number or bullet every time you press Enter.To create an indented (subordinate) list within a list, place the cursor at the start of the line that you want to indent, and then on the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click Increase List Level . To increase or decrease the space between a bullet or number and the text in a line, place the cursor at the start of the line of text.