Problems updating iphone 3gs to ios 6 gamer dating service

Several people have been reporting Wi-Fi problems after updating to i OS 6 on both i Pads and i Phones.

Oh, and Apple finally added a clock app to the i Pad, which resulted in a legal spat with the Swiss railway network service.It seems not only Samsung is in the photocopying business.i OS 6 ditches support entirely for the original i Pad, but is nonetheless compatible with a surprisingly wide range of devices; i Phones back to the 3GS are supported, as are both the fourth- and fifth-generation i Pod touch.There are more new features than you'd think, even when you don't get all the new features.A common criticism of i OS is that Apple never radically updates it.Apple's You Tube app has gone (Google has since released its own on to the App Store) and Maps now runs with Apple power rather than Google juice.

Elsewhere, the OS is more social (Facebook now joining Twitter in being baked in), Siri's been improved, and countless tweaks (some fairly major from a usability standpoint) are in evidence in the likes of Mail, Safari, Phone and the i OS stores.

Whether you upgrade your i Phone 4 to i OS 7 is up to you, of course, but I'd be cautious.

If you upgrade, you'll be putting the latest OS, which requires a lot of processing horsepower and memory, onto a device that's approaching the end of its usable life.

The combination will work, but it may be slower or more problematic than you'd like. In terms of modern consumer technology, that's ancient.

New phones are much faster, have bigger screens, can store much more data, and have better cameras.

I always recommend buying the newest and best phone you can afford since it will last the longest.