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However, there was anger as local residents were pushed away from the parade route and kept corralled behind police barricades.

After dusk, an escalating stream of incidents by nationalist youths saw more and more petrol bombs thrown in the direction of PSNI Landrovers.

One of the five is now in the cages of Long Kesh, the other four became blanket men in the H-Blocks.

Four-and-a-half years later with revealing ironic insight into the nature of the British judicial system in Ireland, while four RUC detectives involved in those Omagh interrogations were awaiting trial on charges of assaulting James Rafferty during interrogation, in the prison hospital of Long Kesh, one of those convicted on the basis of a tortured ‘confession’ – Martin Hurson – lay dying on hunger strike for political status.

Just as we honor our military, it is time that we honor those of us who have served our communities without regards to their own safety.

Posted by Jim on July 13, 2018 A sectarian parade through the city centre of Derry provoked heavy rioting in Derry last night as youths threw petrol bombs and the PSNI responded with potentially lethal plastic bullets.

Crowds of up to 200 were reported by 9pm as numbers swelled, and a burning barricade was set up on the Lecky Road flyover and on Fahan Street.

The PSNI counted a total of 74 petrol bombs thrown, although few were seen to hit their target.The Cappagh district is a wholly nationalist area of County Tyrone, composed mainly of farmers, and comprising between two and three hundred closely knit families.The land is infertile, lowland hills, good only for grazing cattle and rearing a few pigs, yet the roots of families like the Hursons stretch back maybe two or three hundred years. Over by Donaghmore, a few miles away, where the fields are bigger and the grass more lush, most of the farmers are loyalists. Although he went first to Crosscavanagh school in Galbally, and then to St.As a former FDNY Firefighter, who responded to the WTC in Sept.2001, I strongly support this proposal and I urge all AOH Division, County and State Boards pass proposals in support of Vice President Ray Lynch’s request to our National Board.There was high tension in the city centre as flute bands played sectarian tunes to cheers from loyalists.