Qt widget not updating

Note that on X11 this hint will work only in window managers that support _NET_WM_STATE_BELOW atom.

If a window always on the bottom has a parent, the parent will also be left on the bottom.

The day and month names will be short, localized names.

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Any event that is being listened upon will send all changes of all widgets to the server, so that the full widget tree is synchronised.

So if you have a button with clicked() listener, and a combobox without a changed() listener, the state of the combobox will still be updated in the widget tree when you click the button.

They are fairly unusual but necessary in a few cases.

raw:: html This enum type is used to specify various window-system properties for the widget.

Most existing modern window managers can handle this. You can set this flag if you want your widget to always be a toplevel widget on the desktop, regardless of whether the parent widget is embedded in a scene or not.

Informs the window system that the window should stay on bottom of all other windows.Wt sends changes from the browser to the server when events happen.If your program is not interested in an event, this synchronisation will not take place (otherwise synchronisation would take place on every character of text you enter in an input box, on every mose movement, ....Anyway, the problem is with a WCombo Box widget in a boost thread not updating it's data when clicked on and having it's selection changed.I created a boost thread in a class Without changing the initial selection of the combo box, the above code always enters the foo if statement, which is expected.The main types are Indicates that the widget is a window, usually with a window system frame and a title bar, irrespective of whether the widget has a parent or not. raw:: html On Mac OS X, tool windows correspond to the Floating class of windows.