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A while back I wrote a joke blog on how to meet Reformed men.In the comments one fellow said he didn't mind dating a non-Reformed girl since he'd take it as a point of pride to “conquer” her theologically.Let me just say this loud and clear: This is arrogant, foolish, and must not be your attitude.

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The other thing you need to remember is that theology changes. I just mentioned I've been shifting from credo- to paedobaptist over the past couple of years.That's just one of the many changes my wife and I have been navigating.Also, you should make sure you both hold a fundamental commitment to the Scriptures as the final authority in these issues; that way, there's common ground for discussion and dialogue on other issues.Beyond that, I don't think couples have to agree on every point of theology to have a solid marriage.” That said, once you've established the importance of marrying someone who will be your partner in the faith and has the mutual goal of encouraging you in your relationship with Christ, you may start to wonder, “Well, does it really matter what of Christian they are?

How will our theology affect the way we point each other to Christ?

This question can simply be another way of asking, “Is this person a Christian?

” That said, you should definitely have some bottom-line requirements like, say, agreeing to the content of Apostle's Creed, Nicaea, Chalcedon, and so forth.

I'll admit, this isn't a typical question most Christian singles, or even couples, are asking.

Most are still stuck on, “Wait, I'm supposed to date Christians?

I mean, does it affect things if I'm a Protestant and he's a Catholic?