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The Justice Department singled out an open and critical news source.

They were motivated by ideology and politics rather than a presentation off acts.

They are a source of alternative points of view, without which a democratic citizenry cannot long sustain its freedom.

I’ve been vetting for over four years and counting and have found them to be the last network on television to perform a fair and balanced public service.They present all sides of an issue, and question power and authority in Washington.Like the Soviet Union, our mainstream media is coopted and controlled not by communists but by corporate interests overtaking our government.America is now governed under an elitist oligarchic system, a variation of the Stalinist system of a communist-ruling apparatchik class.Soon they’d be singled out and purged as an “American” sympathizer, a fifth columnist, an American spy, part of an American propaganda organ, and so on.

The last time United States fell under the hysteria of unfounded conspiracies pinned on Russians was during US Senator Joseph Mc Carthy’s attempt in the late 1940s and early 1950s to silence and purge liberal Hollywood actors, authors, and scriptwriters.

V of O didn’t need to propagate lies, they just broadcast on radio into the Soviet Union the critical truth about what wasn’t working in the so-called “worker’s paradise.” RT America, in my direct vetting and experience of them has become a new Voice of America directed at Americans.

They tell you what isn’t working; they bring a healthy breath of critical stories you no longer get in the US mainstream news.

Sturé Johansson, who channeled the spirit “Ambres” is known as the Swedish Edgar Cayce for similarly going into trance to help heal people and from time to time foresee the future.

I became aware of him as many Americans did through actress Shirley Mac Laine introducing his work in her breakout New Age, autobiographical book ), the future would watch Russia become more open and free in the passing decades, while the victor of the Cold War, the United States, began to close down and become more totalitarian and fascist.

Before he died of a stroke, Stalin in his notorious predilection to act on his deadly habits of paranoia was preparing for another purge to rival the Red Terror of the late 1930s that murdered a million Soviet citizens and sent millions more to labor camps in Siberia.