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This could have drawbacks if the therapist or physician is biased, but if someone who is reasonable and understanding, with whom the patient feels comfortable, is found it should be no issue.There are a number of other gender tests available, particularly on the Internet.The test is largely dependent on how deeply a person has absorbed cultural definitions of gender, which will not necessarily reflect identity or the presence of gender dysphoria.This is also an older test, based on research that began in the early 1970s, and so may not even apply to current attitudes towards gender.There is currently no scientific evidence to support the use of either the Moir-Jessel Brain Sex Test or the derivative COGIATI.

Also called the BSRI, this test also relies on culturally created gender stereotypes.That test had been designed to identify where on a "brain sex" continuum participants fell.However, the test has never been validated using male and female sample groups to determine how closely they fall into the categories it aims to identify.We are building a safe place for TS women to meet men who know how to respectfully treat them.We will NOT tolerate abusive behavior and want to provide a platform for you to find that special someone.Some other countries no longer require it at all, while in the United States, the requirement may differ state by state or even physician by physician.