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He loves to create music and can spend all hours of the night producing.

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I felt heartbroken until he said that he’d talk to David about it.I’m not going to lie; learning the truth devastated me.My feelings kept growing and evolving until they were too big for me to bear the burden alone.After a while, David left to work with the girl on homework, leaving me with our friend.Given that we lived near each other, giving myself distance sucked.

He knew I felt upset and respected my need for space.He eventually started his own marketing business with some partners.The company promoted mainstream products to the urban/trend-setting market.He is known for playing Tsu'tey in James Cameron's science fiction film Avatar and Fenix "Rise" Calderon in the film Fast & Furious.Alonso has had roles in other films such as Jarhead, This Christmas, Miracle at St. Laz Alonso Active - 2002 - 2013 | Born - Mar 25, 1974 in Washington, DC | Genres - Drama, Comedy, Horror, Romance, War Biography by Nathan Southern Born to a first-generation Cuban immigrant couple and raised in the Washington, D.He also credits his acting ability to these life experiences, as he able to bring a little of what he knows or has dealt with into his characters.