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However, if you're looking to make recordings then a 2 track machine would be the way to go.Here a 10.5 inch machine comes into its own, and if you have 15ips speed then you can join the Tape Project, which offers probably the finest SQ of any release on any format.One of the very best performers is the Sony TC-645, a machine I use myself for just this purpose.

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The following is what they came back with (these are written by Miles Showell, mastering engineer at Abbey Road Studios).Source: 24bit/96khz digital transfers supplied by the Stones made from original ¼” tapes This album was cut from a high-resolution digital transfer from the best known analogue tape in existence.A pristine example of the world-class icon of the 1970's.This one has almost no wear on the heads and the cosmetics are excellent.The tapes were re-played on an Ampex ATR-102 fitted with custom extended bass response playback heads.

This album was cut from a high-resolution digital transfer from the original ½” analogue masters.

Get Swiss-quality repairs that insure your Revox product will work properly, meet original specs and last as long as you own it.

Operating hours are 9am-4pm Monday-Friday Central Time All repair work guaranteed for 90 days For those who need a rock-solid industrial-quality tape player for playing tape collections, the PR99 is the perfect tool.

No Auto-reverse to go wrong, and mechanical transport keys, but top quality heads and three motors with little if anything to go wrong if regularly cleaned and lubed.

I recently transcribed a load of pre-recorded tapes to 24/96 WAVs using the TC-645 and the results are nothing short of stunning, the results sounding so alive as to make you wonder what the studios do to cock things up so much with the official digital releases.

Only minimal sympathetic equalisation was applied to the transfer to keep everything as pure as possible.