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It was broadcast to 60 million people and was greatly criticised for its apparent 'vulgarity'.Sinhead O’Conner was another performer to use her airtime to cause controversy.Two years on from the VMAs, and having ridden out the storm, Miley’s more of a grown-up than Thicke (who’s almost two decades older) will ever be.

Thicke apparently invited friends over to the hotel for a party and "made love" with Paula in one of the bedrooms.After she fell asleep, Thicke allegedly tried to have sex with one of the other partygoers but apparently couldn't perform because he was so coked out. Robin later told his then-wife that he had "unprotected sex with seven other women" while on tour — but the real kicker is when Paula caught him in the act the night of the MTV VMAs!Back in the midst of the 2013’s VMA media firestorm, it was Thicke who got away lightly while co-performer Miley Cyrus was left to defend herself amidst claims she was being sexually exploited by MTV and corrupting the minds of America’s teenagers.Even the creator of the foam finger felt the need to get involved, and sternly told Miley off for ‘degrading’ the spongey American icon.Meanwhile, Thicke skipped off stage, later telling Oprah: ‘Listen I’m the twerkee. I’m just twerked upon.’ According to him, if Miley wanted to appear half naked and gyrate, that was all ‘on her.’ Except apparently it wasn’t.

According to Cyrus in a recent interview, Thicke had conveniently blanked out several rehearsals where not only did he know exactly what Miley had planned, he actively encouraged her to be “as naked as possible” because it fitted with the concept (a term used loosely here) of the Blurred Lines video.During the live-broadcast show she took star-of-the-moment Britney Spears’ chin and pulled her in for a big kiss.The cameras turned to an unimpressed Justin Timberlake very quickly.She told the New York Times: “It’s funny that I got so much heat for it, but that’s just being a woman.” If even a pop star brave enough to turn her back on her tween fan base and count heart-shaped nipple tassels among her everyday wardrobe basics accepts that being screwed over because of her gender is merely ‘part of being a women’, how much hope is there left for the rest of us?The pay gap, sexual harassment on the tube, talking to creepy men because we’re too scared of what will happen if we walk away - is it all just ‘being a woman’?Not only was there a massive petition to get him off the bill, half way through comedian Lee Nelson invaded the stage and then Kanye was lifted into the sky via a crane.