Rockefeller starts fluoridating water

It's the same process that was used on a global scale on 9/11.

First, the audience is shocked by incomprehensible images.

I refer folks my age to Bob Dylan's comments in an interview.

The process is also a means to destroy innocence and create cognitive dissonance in the audience, which then makes them suseptible to whatever message you want to implant.In Miley's case, the performances established a Master/slave relationship with the 'prince' character.This sensitizes the girls in the audience to 'follow the bear', which is an identity code for pedophiles.The All-Seeing Eye, of course, is the command and control structure that feeds this sickness.Generally, I have no interest in pop culture orgies, such as the recent MTV Video Music Awards.

They are pointless exercises in frustration that so much money and time is wasted on so little talent. The media has been fixated on some yutz called Miley Cyrus.Turns out Miley Cyrus is the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus.For those who don't follow the country music scene, Billy Ray is a good ol' Kentucky boy who hit it big time with a song called "Achy Breaky Heart," which I happen to despise. Now, anyone who knows the entertainment business knows that to become as big as Billy Ray and his daughter, you sell your soul - pretty much literally.Normally, I would write this kind of thing off as simple distraction, but there were just too many weird symbols around this particular character.So I bit the bullet and dialed up some clips of her performance, as well as tried to get a handle on just who this character was.These types of things are done all the time - murderous footballers, steroid-enhanced baseballers, transgender military whistleblowers. No matter what your particular belief system is, you are fed a hero, the hero is debased before your eyes, and you surrender to hopelessness and subservience.