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Everyone who comes along finds our events to be friendly, safe, relaxed and well organised and we only have a few hosts so that you are sure to see a familiar, friendly face!We like to introduce people around (just ask the host to do so)... A few things about our fantastic group-* ALL OUR EVENTS ARE TOTALLY FREE AND WILL STAY THAT WAY!!!EVENTS-* Only our hosts arrange events in our group.

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We stop while walking so people can catch up at a few places.The walk takes about an hour and a half at the most and DRESS FOR WALKING RATHER THAN EATING.EXCEPT - TWICE A YEAR we request a donation at our 'Jade Buddha' event (but you get a free drink every month anyway...) - this is to cover the meetup fee that Organizers have pay to use the meetup site and phone calls and balloons.We get discounts and/or free drinks and food for our members at some of our other events too.* We DO NOT promote any businesses or charities - we are purely SOCIAL!The issue may be mentioned at the monthly 'Brisbane Organisers' Meetup and maybe forwarded on to 'Meetup Headquarters' for future action.

Our goal is for a safe, happy and friendly environment for all. So come along to an event our fantastic group soon and meet lots of awesome people..hope to meet you soon!Joining our group and attending events is a great way to meet others who have the same interests while having HEAPS OF FUN TIMES TOO! p.s.- A FEW IMPORTANT THINGS TO REMEMBER-EMAILS-* If you think you are getting too many emails about events - just go to the 'MY PROFILE' tab and turn off the automatic emails and then you can just visit the main page whenever you want.* WE ARE A SOCIAL GROUP- our intention is for single people to make FRIENDSHIPS in person - so we request that members DO NOT email other members as if on a dating site.SO JOIN OUR FANTASTIC GROUP AND COME TO AN EVENT NOW! Organisers can not stop people from emailing each other so if you receive an email that you are uncomfortable about - don't react - just 'block' that person or you can go to your profile and change the email setting so that you only get emails from Organisers.• PHOTOS-*A real life photo of yourself is requested for the site.* Please do not upload photos of events as we prefer that only our hosts do that.Carers, friends and family are all welcome to attend.At these sessions, you will learn what steps you need to take to get ready for the NDIS and receive some essential tools for your first planning meeting.Connecting Inner and Outer Worlds Sunday, July 8, 2018 Go down to the palace of the king and declare, “Do what is just and right.