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Clearing a certain amount of stages awards players with summoning pieces for that monster.

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On the final stage, a boss version and two awakened versions will appear.Upon clearing each stage, the number of summoning pieces that can be obtained will slowly increase.In addition to a base reward, there is also a chance of obtaining an additional summoning piece.If you quit the battle at any point (through the pause menu) you are awarded as for the last cleared stage.Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but for the most part exchanging codes with other players in places such as the Friend Code Exchange board on the Forum here or on other websites/communities for the game seems to be the most effective way of doing it.

The biggest advantage of using codes is that it gives you the opportunity to talk to the players you make friends with, which helps in finding people with similar game playing habits.The number of pieces required depends on the grade of that monster.The element of the dungeon's monster depends on which Hall the Secret Dungeon was discovered in, with the Hall of Light giving only Light monsters, and so on.It was also released on SK Telecom's "oksusu" mobile app, Jin-wook and Yoo-mi meet at a Gangwon-do resort and get caught up in a series of misunderstandings and accidents.Yoo-mi was charmed by Jin-wook's sly and playful personality, and they unexpectedly spend the night together.Each Secret Dungeon consists of 10 stages, with increasing monster levels at each wave.