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Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. lol Seperated people do and can get together for the sake of the kids however, IMO, i do believe seperated parents should have a grace period alone before dating others to make absolute certain things between the parents are............completely... however in my case, it was dead the day i left Your question dosen't sound so much like it's about dating separated people as it is about separated/divoriced people still getting along and being able to get together once in a while and getting along.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... While they did not live together, he would go on the occasional outing with her and their kids as a family. I am wondering if it is normal for separated couples to come together and have family get togethers. We do, all the's what the kids's all about the fact we spent thanksgiving together...i still talk to my ex about work, the kids of course etc..of the time we are better friends, than anything..of the time, it's for the kids, but on occasion, I take him for drinks or whatever, not sex mind you..sucked with, ok..can do that....until he puts me down..I remember what it was like to live with him..never understood, my affixation with rabbits..he would pay me child support! My ex and I still have dinner with our daughter every now and then much like Thumper described and yes there are boundaries.

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that we will ever get back together, but we're still there for each other (I've even cried on his shoulder about boyfriends). Dating someone that's separated should'nt be a problem providing they did'nt separate the week before.......

As for hanging out as a family, maybe that's cool depending on how old the kids are. Isn't this about giving the kids some sense of family?

If you’re not ready, then you’ll likely come up against several red flags.

If you’re recently divorced, then it’s natural to take time to reflect on the reasons why you weren’t compatible with your previous partner and identify what you’d like to be different in the future.

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