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She wrapped her hand around the base and looked up with those blue eyes and said, "your cock is fucking massive baby, I can't wait for you to open aunties pussy side open." She wrapped her big lips around my thick cock and twirled her tongue around my thick head before slurping her wet mouth all over my cock and sucking me like No One else had before.Stroking and jamming my 8 inch cock into her throat until I couldn't wait anymore.She got out of the shower and dried off her glistening ,wet body right in Front of me causing my cock to swell again.

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I had a pillow over my cock and told her I didn't care, even though I wanted to say, I want to fuck you until I collapse.

She ended up sitting down on the bed and said she wanted to talk about something.

I unpacked and changed into my basketball shorts and t shirt before laying on the bed.

I had the room across from the main bathroom and as I laid there thinking, she walked into the bathroom and dropped her towel.

She looked into my eyes and leaned over and kissed me passionately for a moment before whispering to me, "let's make your dream a reality, I want you to do everything you dreamed of to auntie." I kissed her deeply and rolled on top of her and she wrapped her legs around my waist as we passionately kissed for a few minutes before I moved down to her big ,hard nipples and tongued them gently before sucking them causing her to moan my name.

She reached down into my shorts and pulled my cock out and stroked me as I licked her nipples.

I was raging with testosterone at this point and looked up to her and told her, "I want to taste your pussy." She pushed my head down between her thighs and I spread her pussy lips and latched onto her soaking pussy like a lion, sucking her clit, tasting every part of her making her clench her thighs on my head as she came over and over for several minutes straight.

She pulled me up to her and kissed me for a moment before saying," it's aunties turn to taste your huge cock." She got up and I sat on the end of the bed as she knelt in front of me and pulled my shorts off exposing my throbbing cock.

I saw her in the distance in her yoga pants and sports bra because she came from the gym.

Her thighs bulged and her fat pussy was protruding through the pants .

She's a bigger beautiful woman ,about 6 ft tall, with a gorgeous face for being in her late 50s.