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According to the cartoon, Bat Boy is currently hitchhiking with a typical American family after resigning from being the President of the United States (and King), has placed Weekly World News columnist Ed Anger under arrest and saying goodbyes to Beyoncé, a half sasquatch (with whom he was romantically involved), and Dr. In the strip, Bat Boy joins a death metal/thrash metal band as their lead singer.

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John and Rebecca's daughter; she gave birth to two children, Alexander and David.The townspeople, perhaps frightened by her pointy ears, accused the woman of "consorting with Satan" during the Salem witch trials.In October 2006, Weekly World News posted a video of Bat Boy "captured" on film riding on top of a New York City subway car.Bat Boy was said to be living in the subway system's tunnels during this time.If I could get my wife to do this, I know I could get her to start fucking other men.

I wanted my wife to be slut for men to use, so I began my plot! Depicted in this story are naked females using their bodies to smother and kill victims. I went to his room to close he door but the room was empty.

Bat Boy is a fictional creature who made several appearances in the American supermarket tabloid Weekly World News. Bat Boy was created by former Weekly World News editor Dick Kulpa and writer Bob Lind. The original front-page photo of Bat Boy, showing his grotesque screaming face, was the second-best selling issue in the tabloid's history, and he has since evolved into a pop-culture icon. The story of Bat Boy was turned into an Off-Broadway musical, Bat Boy: The Musical.

The Weekly World News published patently fabricated stories which were purported to be factual. According to Weekly World News, Bat Boy has a chaotic sense of morality.

(Seeker of Obscure Supernaturals) crossed paths with him on several occasions.

Ron Dillon, who discovered him in a West Virginia cave (Hellhole Cave in Pendleton County, WV).

Carbon dating supposedly revealed the chart to be over a hundred years old. Arrived in the New World days after the landing of the Mayflower at Plymouth Rock on the lesser known vessel, The June Bug.