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Simply stated, we know the Turing Test can be easily defeated and is an inadequate test of human level intelligence.

Although academics will continue the debate, I hope to share with you here how an ancient and arcane art, ASCII art to be precise, shows how Turing’s idea was not sufficient to capture the full range of human level intelligence.

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Even if we limit our text messages to short “one liners” or 140 characters we aren’t entirely able to save the original Turing Test from this sort of attack.Consider the following: d[-_-]b A person with “beats” headphones.The fun of playing with ELIZA was of course to get it to say something weird or nonsensical. ELIZA ran a script known as DOCTOR which was intended to be an implementation of a Rogerian therapist.As such, ELIZA liked to talk about your mother and made a lot of vague encouraging statements such as “Tell me more.” And she repeated things you said so this made it very easy to get her to produce a crude version of “yo mama” jokes or talk about your butt.For example, Snoopy has a scarf where the “fringe” is made from “/” characters.

Humans find it difficult to avoid seeing pictures in such text patterns, however chatbots such as ELIZA and the more recent Eugene Goostman lack any visual intelligence.But I didn’t meet ELIZA until about a decade later when thousands of lucky Berkeley and San Francisco bay area residents were given very early access to computers at the Lawrence Hall of Science or LHS.The LHS exterior was famously featured in The Forbin Project, a film about two artificial intelligences that take over the world’s nuclear arsenals during the Cold War. There they were in the lobby glowing softly, three video display terminals on which you could play Lunar Lander, tic-tac-toe, NIM, and also interact with ELIZA.but the human ability to understand text emerged from this underlying visual intelligence.In the case of chatbots, they have no such underlying visual intelligence and they therefore will always fail to capture this critical aspect of human level intelligence.But upon closer examination it is easy to see that this is incorrect. I don’t have to teach a human to see these arrangements of text as a picture, this visual intelligence is inherently part of human existence and intelligence.