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Like this, every day we used to chat at least 4-5 times a day and make her pussy wet completely.One day she sent me message that she will be on leave for three days and asked me to not call on her mobile number.After the movie, I dropped her to her office and returned to my office.

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Since there was no light, I gently kissed her lips and asked if we can have sex.

She said that she will have sex with me after marriage.

She asked about me and my work, after telling my details, I asked her details about her family, work etc and came to know that she was working in a private company and she was very young, 22 years.

I told her that you are 8 years younger to me, she said, fine, age is not important.

Initially she said no and slowly started showing interest.

First, I asked her about her size, she said 38 (her boobs size) then reluctantly asked me about my penny size for which I said 6 inches.During the conversation, I asked what “presentation” she wants for her marriage, she said, she will think over and tell me.After some time, she called me and that told me that she wants a presentation which should be remembered throughout her life and it should not get destroyed.From then onwards, we used to speak at least 4-5 times a day.I ran out of topic for discussing with her, I casually asked about her interesting topic, for which she said, any topic, I asked; is hot chat ok with you; she answered, what is hot, then slowly I told her if she is ok with sex chat.I asked her when we can meet, she said that she can meet me only during week days and it is not possible during weekends.