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Now, this probably sounds like one of those super funny jokes that I do all the time.

Now you’re like “The 1960s called, they wants their method back.” and I know it’s super old school.

What you do is taking all the boxes and the stuff out of the van and you dump it into the new place.

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You might think “But why should I work twice when I can do it properly once.” And my answer is: learning a word isn’t much work and neither is relearning something, when the urge arises. We’ll do the cleaning up later along the way to fluency. And, words you half know will change to words you know quicker than completely new ones, so you have a constant feeling of progress, but without putting numbers and goals on it. If we go at a speed of 10 words per day, we need almost two months for that. And of course you have to repeat the words of the day before, half of which you’re not sure about. If you want, you can repeat the word, if you want you can think of an example. Maybe it won’t remember the word, but just a couple of vowels or the length. The list will feel familiar, the order will feel familiar, the list will have a “vibe”. There is no point in looking at it and trying to memorize the words first.

Your brain will do its best to be up for the task next time. And next time you go over the word, it will add something more. I just wanted to sound like a business consultant for once. They store all kinds of stuff without us knowing, and in the weirdest associations sometimes. All you really gotta do is ask the question and then look at the answer and really be aware. you do that right the first time, even if you’ve not gone over the list before. And because it is so chill it is no problem to deal with 100 to 200 words at a time. one completely new one, two sort of new ones and one that I more or less know about. That are verbs and all those small words like and so on (adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, if you know the jargon). Not only will that help you feel “at home” on the new list, it’ll also stimulate your brain because the “intensity” while going through the words varies constantly. Anyway, let’s now talk about what might be the most important feature of those lists… A real list would be longer, of course, but this sample contains all the important aspects. Of course, as a beginner especially, you want to have the most common and most useful words on your lists. Some words that you know well, mixed with some words that you half know and of course all the new words. First of, in daily conversation, the words in a sentence are also quite “chaotic”. If you don’t know the word, you cannot express the idea. But they often are based on a verb and verbs are always the better choice, especially in German. you probably know this method of putting post its all over your flat with the German word for it, chair, table, fridge and so on. You all know these words that just won’t stick in your mind. I think, this clustering up is actually counter productive. Because the idea a single word evokes in your loses intensity because of all the other words of the field. This is a classic cluster that you might find in a textbook. Now take a look at this instead: has room to breathe. How is your brain going to connect a bunch of letters to an idea, if the idea can’t fully flare up? The result will be a pretty chaotic collection of words that is challenging you, annoying you, confuses you, makes you feel at home, bores you at time, and it’s tickling your subconscious, it’s inspiring you. You don’t see it at first, but you will get to know it when you learn the list. When people think about learning vocabulary, they usually think that they have to do something. Or that it looks like this other words on that other list. Or how you’re pissed of because you should know this one.