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I think people simply don’t apply their God given wisdom whenever finding a date online.

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Tourists who travel to destinations purposely to have sex abound everywhere and the tricks they employ to trap innocent people to engage in their wicked acts are very simple but really works.Many people who never intended to become prostitutes have become so, as they never ever realized they were being wooed into prostitution. “Being with my wife now, honestly, feels like she doesn't really care about my emotional needs or what's happening with me on a daily basis anymore. All my customers are married women whose husbands are, or may be impotent. I wasn’t interested anymore, so I cheated my way out of it.” 5. A customer may choose to go the natural way, or I wank and cum into a container for it to be inseminated in them. And most of my customers preferred natural intercourse until they took seed.In the Republic of The Gambia, and some other places, these same tricks that were applied by Scandinavian and other Western women into wooing some men into male prostitution are being applied on Ghanaian young men today.

This is how the tricks work; a white woman arrives from Europe, and manages to get a young male Ghanaian to help her get around town.For instance, when communicating with someone online, ask about their church/ministry, how they serve, who their pastor is, location and size, etc.This activity helps you to physically verify who they are in the Lord.Read the full confession below #The Naked Queens 1. I want a wife at home, and a ‘slut’ in the bedroom. “My wife’s Church was organizing a couples retreat, and one of her Church-member friends, made a pass at me, and slept with me the following week. I did feel guilty but I don’t think I slept with her because I wasn’t happy in my marriage… We’ve been dating for over Four (4) years now, and my wife nor her husband have a clue.“Dave, this whole cheating thing erh, it’s not like it’s our fault oh… She’s too much of a wife for me, and she can’t seem to find her balance. I have fallen in love with her over time, so you could say I am in love with two women. “My girlfriend finds me attractive; my wife doesn’t: At least, not anymore.” 14. Well, I am newly married, a month old to be precise.Or there were some days that she would gel well into the idea of us to be intimate but when we finally see then she switched back into a Sumo Wrestler. Something was borne out of our friendship into love. Dave, it was then I knew I had wasted three years of my life.