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It is within reason to expect some things falling a little short. Ott, this guy is so prolific and has been around for so many years that he’s at a master’s level in his craft.Where the movie has its share of peaks and valleys, Ott’s work keeps moving and building never missing a beat. And now there is “Dark Country,” the graphic novel.

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All in all, a wonderful package and it leaves you cheering on all the talent involved.

This is a great buy when the Halloween mood strikes you or, let’s face it, any time you’d like a good scare.

It’s really cool when that happens because that’s really what should always happen. First off, you definitely get entertainment value from it.

This leaves me in an slightly awkward position of having seen the movie and read the new graphic novel. This is a perfect teen flick, a great drive-thru movie (if there are still any such things) and a just plain fun horror movie.

Thomas Ott has a very gritty style, as you may know, very well-suited for noir and horror.

In fact, Thomas Jane, the director and star of the original “Dark Country,” was very inspired by Ott’s work when he directed the movie and was already contemplating a graphic novel version illustrated by Ott.

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186 Uncle Bill's Corner : For Boys and Girls the World Over 13.

Men who invent guns and terrible machines which are used for killing their brother men, and cause a lot of sadness in the world, get large sums of money for their inventions ; how much more should Zamenhof get money for inventing this language, which has brought thousands of people a great deal of happiness, and is in- tended to save and brighten people's lives. Tell all your friends at school about The Esperanto Monthly, and that it is going to have a page for boys and girls, and that we are going to make a splendid start next month.

Zamenhof ought to have expected to get a lot of money from the public through the sale of his books. The way to reward me is to learn Esper- anto, and think the same as I do about your fellow-men, that they are your brothers, and you ought to love them and not go to war with each other.'"' I am sure that after all I have told you, you will want to learn Ludovic's language.

The story itself, I should tell you, is a prime example of solid pulp fiction. We observe them together and another thing that they seem to share a lot: an overwhelming feeling of exhilaration mixed with despair.