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Articles presented on Wikinews reflect the specific time at which they were written and published, and do not attempt to encompass events or knowledge which occur or become known after their publication. But is it really adultery if there's no physical contact? She called up the real-life lawyers and kicked the bum out.

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She forgave him, and they had a lavish Second Life wedding.But this year, she found him fooling around with another woman in Second Life -- and, when she confronted him with it, he said he didn't love her anymore and their marriage was over. Amy claims Dave is now engaged in real life to his Second Life mistress, a woman from America, even though they have never actually met. newspaper The Guardian (which some of my Brit friends call "the Grauniad") credits the British South West News Service with breaking the story.Major brand name advertisers such as Pepsi Co Inc., Georgia-Pacific Corp., State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co., Countrywide Mortgage and T-Mobile withdrew ads placed on Yahoo!web pages that may have come under association with the offensive chat rooms.Other internet portals, such as AOL and MSN, also allow users to create their own chat rooms. in that they are subscription based, and only allow access to the rooms if the user is a subscriber to the service. The result is software providers who take a "hands-off" approach grant internet users the ability to add and create content to the World Wide Web that opens the door to contributions that range from great to sometimes objectionable, to out-right illegal, and often enlightening.

MSN in its earliest versions of chat had monitors watch activity on its servers, but it was abandoned. The text of this article has been released into the public domain.was compelled to act by shutting down all chat rooms created by users and stopped the ability to create new user chat rooms.Online chat rooms created by the company itself are still in service and use.The two virtual reporters that found them were Jashley Gothley, all snug-fitting T-shirts and tight black trousers, and Meggy Paulse, who wears a red mini-skirt and a black slip top. Both were alter egos of journalists for the press agency South West News, which supplies national and international media organisations with stories.So while Amy Taylor was refusing to answer her door to reporters in Newquay, her avatar, Laura Skye, was being won over by Meggy Paulse.And Amy has a new love of her own -- a man she met while playing the Internet fantasy game World of Warcraft. The Grauniad article is headlined: "How South West News Got Its Divorce Scoop In Second Life." The way the Grauniad relays the details, you'd think that the South West News had infiltrated al Qaeda, or exposed massive government corruption, rather than the reality, which is that the South West News won the confidence of a couple of people going through a personal crisis and then put that couple on display for worldwide ridicule.