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2 cups brown sugar 1/3 cup salt 1 tbsp onion salt 1 tbsp garlic salt 1 tbsp celery salt 1 tbsp black pepper 1 tbsp white pepper 1 tbsp dried hot mustard 1 tbsp dried lemon peel 1 tbsp dill weed Combine all the ingredients and mix well. First you want to make a layer of brine on the bottom of your container, next place a layer of fish, then a layer of brine... I have left in brine up to 36 hours, it is best to try different lengths of time to see what you like best. Take your fish out 1 hour before you normally do and place on cookie sheets. Try honey, maple suryp or japeleno jelly for a coating. That looks great and thanks for revealing the secrets! I've noticed, as you said, fresh from the smoker is THE BEST ! Is there any chance to hook up for fall hogs maybe next week?

I run three smokers at once so I start with a base of 24 cups of brown sugar! In 12 hours or so the brine will turn to a liquid so make sure you baste and/or rotate your pieces of fish so they all get the same soaking time. When you are done soaking remove the fish from the brine and place on your smoking racks... Let stand for an hour or so until the fish becomes tacky. Notice how candied the fish looks after a 3-day soak! It is a good idea to coat the cookie sheets with some kind of non-stick spray before hand. Place fish in a 325 oven for about 20 minutes or until the edges of the fish start turning dark. Take fish out and try not to eat it all when it is warm. I've also noticed that vacuum packing seems to draw the moisture out of the smoked fish. Have you contemplated ways of preventing the moisture from drawing out? Tom " Our ideals resemble the stars, which illuminate the night. But the men who, like the sailors on the ocean, take them for guides, will undoubtedly reach their goal.

Doing this allows the smoke/brine to penetrate throughout the fish and produce a more even flavor throughout the fish. Pete, you may have tried this, but what I do to keep the moisture in the fish when I vacuum pack it is to place it in the fridge for a day or so after smoking with a tight layer of plastic wrap on it. Is the ingredients list you have here pretty much "per fish"? JM I would guess that the base would be good for one coho or half a chinook. It probably says somewhere in this thread but I could not find it. Katfish So what should I take for the stomach ache that I got after eating about a pound of this right out of the oven? How can you not try this, i just about started licking my monitor. have u ever thought of using an amber or a heavier beer as in the case of the wet brine?? If you ever get to Canada - bring back a ton of their RAW BROWN SUGAR! I am going to try it again because I made some mistakes along the way that I would like to correct. Adding spices to the dry brine has much potential for experimenting, now need more salmon to smoke!

If you are smoking one chinook I would make a double run. Can anyone share some of proceedural differences they have discovered between a Little Chief and a Brinkman water smoker? I see that it says meat to meat, does that mean skin side down on first layer then meat side down on second layer then skin side down ect. I did up a white chinook that I got up in Canada earlier this fall and it was amazing! Does anybody have any tips to keep that from happening. The pan is always a lake of honey without much sticking to the salmon. All kidding aside thank you very much for all the great information you post, you've got my vote for President and Vice President. I did have a problem with a lot of juice filing the baking sheets. I normally use 1/3 cup salt for every 1 cup of brown sugar but my sugar scoops are heaping. ron m Just finished my first batch using your recipe 5-Cents. Still recovering from a belly ache from eating too much fish.

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this seems to help keep it moist but it does not help with the freezing part Great recipe and thank you for sharing with us. :smile: Question- How much fish is the prescribed brine amounts good for? I find I need to drop the wood pan down closer to the flame than what they allow for though, otherwise it won't make smoke. This is a great post and I will try this recipe this weekend as I am between CR fishing and tillamook tidewater fishing. I did have trouble keeping the honey from running off the salmon during the oven stage. they were gnawing that fish almost to thier own knuckles. we dont sell sport caught fish though anyway thanks for the pics and the post. A couple of things I do different are - after you put a layer of brine - I drizzle Molasses over the layer. Now I always put just a bit of cayenne in when I smoke fish, not enough to make it "hot", but just a little for taste.