Sex chatting with aunts

Well, to be honest, there were plenty of things that happend that were memorable now that I’m older, but none of them had happened yet. So now you understand why I didn’t have a girlfriend.

It might seem a little jumbled around, because I’m going to tell some of this from my present perspective, and some of it as it happened back then. Besides, most of the time I could handle things by myself, if you know what I mean.

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But all I was interested in were the girls, and I had a collection of pictures that never failed to produce a boner virtually on demand, and then aid me in making that boner wilt.My favorite kind of Tumblr picture was the kind where the girl was posing, meaning she knew the photographer was about to take a picture.This was primarily because Mom had gotten all caught up in the Facebook rage and had found a bunch of her old high school friends and they invited each other to visit and all that stuff.I had a Facebook page, but I hadn’t looked at it for months.Then, if a viewer clicks on the thumb, it expands to a full sized picture.

Tumblr has all sorts of visual blogs, running the gamut from nature scenes, to animals, to clothing, to hats, to whatever someone wants to collect.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft Consensual Reluctant Heterosexual Incest Exhibitionism First Masturbation Oral Sex Petting Pregnancy Safe Sex Slow I know you’re supposed to start out a story or book with some memorable sentence that grabs the reader’s attention and won’t let go.

But the truth is, there isn’t anything special about me or my situation that is memorable or attention grabbing. Girls do want to have fun, and that means going to concerts and on dates and out to eat, as opposed to hopping in bed for thirty minutes of sexual calisthenics and then watching your boyfriend study for four hours.

It’s hard for me to keep them separate, so forgive me if the ‘voice’ changes back and forth. In some senses, masturbation is quicker, easier, cleaner, and safer than the real deal.

One of my friends is an English major and he looked at this. But I’m not an English major and for all I know no more than five or ten people will ever read this. When this story started, I was a junior in a five year mechanical engineering program. Anyway, just about the only respite from studying were holidays, when I got to go home and get a good meal. I know that sounds counter-intuitive, since I said I didn’t have a girlfriend. And it turns out that my masturbatory habits were more important than I would have believed.

Speaking of small stars, my mother was obviously going through menopause, because she had the heat up to what felt like ninety degrees. I assumed it was another one of Mom’s long lost friends, and that she’d probably want to give them this room.