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I have been writing recreationally since I was twelve and people still posted fiction on Quizzilla. I write for multiple fandoms including: Boondock Saints, The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, Black Sails, and Game of Thrones. An orphaned commoner, Eve was sold off at the age of ten to be the playmate of Ramsay Snow. And his innocent Eve was not scared—she preferred it in his bed.[Sequel to my Red Canyon story Black Dahlia.] "Wicked people love wickedly, violent people love violently but the love of a free man is never safe." Picks up shortly after the ending of part one.

Fanfiction became my crutch when the stories in my head just had to escape. I am not adverse to writing RPF and have previously written for multiple Norman Reedus movies as well. Young Ramsay grows fond of his stubby ignorant little toy after saving her one day. Dark days and cold nights wouldn't keep him bound this way in this place, he would get out and when he did he would handle everything.

Now that his Da has been arrested, Connor finds out that he has a twin brother. " Daryl drew up short, startled, though he tried to hide it. Yeah, you already know how this will end..." Everything has been building to this moment. The two orphan cubs they had found up on the ridge, asleep on their dead mother wolf a couple of years back were now full-grown. A bit AU."Normally, this would be the prime opportunity for Murphy to poke fun at him, to comment on the fact that he's hobbling around like an old cripple and that, of all the cool, badass things he could have thrown off a roof, it had to be a toilet. Daryl and the Govn'rs 2nd, Martinez end up back at the silo's and get drunk together. If that's not your thing, then this story is not for you. Nothing is how it seems and first loves aren't always so sweet.

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The destruction he'd wrought on his brother's skull didn't dispel his rage. His anger at the world opened a new door to darkness and released a loneliness that told him he'd just grown up. Connor and Murphy have pushed her just a little too far tonight. Lang/Sexual Content/Violence/Deuces Wild/ Spun off of a "what if" I found... Marco didn't die didn't get that concussion from the LEAD PIPE TO THE FACE , and say he was lying there all night because his buddies just left him for dead. Marco Vendetti was a lot of things, most of them bad, but even he was capable of more than just violence.She gives them a warning, but really, when have the boys ever paid attention to that? When his world was spinning out of control, he went to the one person that let him be at peace, even if only for a moment. It had been near 15 years since I had been back to Georgia.When he can't persuade them with words, he tries another method. The Bastard of Bolton seems a good target for her wicked plans, but how well can she handle a mad dog? The brother's think they have it bad, but little do they know, there's a young girl who has it a whole lot worse.Starts right where 'Last Day on Earth' left off, and Daryl is in bad shape after getting shot. Rated M for smut, language, and brotherly violence. Rating may change""Sansa walked through the courtyard in Winterfell, the snow finally fluttering to a slight stop. And now she'll have to choose between her blood and the only men she's ever loved.The scarlet cross we bear until the bitter end, they can never know just what we've done. I've always wondered, with all the wandering around they do, how come no one has come across a grow op? After the events of the movie Mac has survives and things take a turn for the worst. How did they get to this one moment in time together. For the first time since it all began, he wants to take his time. Thriller Diller (def.) something like a movie, book, or television program that is thrilling. Follow on from Playing In The Tombs chapter of my Walking Dead Hook-Ups. But when things get too much Murphy is there for Connor. The blood from her wound didn't bother him, he needed to patch her up. Here is my failure of this prompt: "Pick your favorite Norman Reedus character and make him gush over his one true love in 2500 words or less! Make the tough guy melt your heart." Now alone, Daryl needs to motivate a despondent Beth. He'd show her what he could do to her body; get her hooked. I have no ownership of Boondock Saints in anyway shape or form though I dream otherwise. Also is not related to "Days of Our Friggin' Camp". Funny how climbing a set of stairs can lead to your entire world being turned upside down... Kate has come to Cainville to work for her 'uncle' Walter and to get away from a troubled life; she finds comfort in the arms of Mac, the local bad-guy, and finds out that things aren't what they seem. This is my account of the new world, and it's trials and tribulations. These three can take care of themselves, but trouble arises as they try and make a place for themselves in the larger group. Pinned and about to be a snack someone came and killed the walker. Follow-up of sorts to "Listen Closely." 9th in my Boondock Saints OC arc. She moves to Brooklyn with her uncle in order to take a breather, but when she's forced on a date with town bad ass, Marco Vendetti, she gets a little more than she's bargained for.

This is centered around Mac and my OC Harper from "Heart of A Predator". An eye for an eye is something Mac was raised knowing and even more than that was fight fire with fire. A talk turns to a fight that turns to Mac releasing all his pent up aggression, rage, loathing, and disdain on the people around him. When your world comes crashing down, landing on your shoulders with a weight you don't know how to hold and your usual means of falling apart at the seams, where are you supposed to turn? In doing so he finally opens up a door into the mind of his accomplice and he learns that they are on more equal ground than he could have imagined. Claire Cicero takes the law into her own hands one time, and she likes it. (rated M because it's an excuse for smut)'But love don't exist when you live like this, that much I know... The fact that she's as far removed from what he's always known is just a bonus. I have no ownership of Walking Dead in any way shape or form, I just like to play with them. He picks Connor up and puts him back together again. He started to push her sleeve but she jerked her arm away. This a prompt for the Reedus one true love challenge. "I've been a friend with unbiased views, and then secretly lust after you."Serena: Yeah this fresh start was going great. Rated M for smut, language..know, the usual stuff you get from me.'In some past life he guessed he had been a warrior, one who identified with hound and bear and eagle; the primitive notion of want, take, have is swelling in the back of his mind.' Complimenting Valerie E Mackin's 'Listen Closely'; see Author's Note for details. Her reasons for being there come into question as she struggles to decipher between right and wrong.I use characterizations and content from their respective owners as well as a few borrowed lyrics and titles here and there. When a new threat arises, however, Daryl is forced to face the past that he has been trying to put behind, because on the side of the enemy, a familiar face can be seen. With the North in Bolton hands, Sansa needs a way to regain her birthright.COMPLETE Negan wants to convert Rick and Daryl into Saviors. With the helping hand of Petyr, she might just be ready to begin her own Game of Thrones.I take requests, so don't hesitate to send me ideas! As the pair mature, Eve blossoms into an enticing young woman. He would make sure she was safe, he'd find her."You know why I've named you Jane, don't you? But Jane…Jane rhymes with pain."Three years have passed since Daryl and the others arrived at the ASZ.I obviously do not own any of the characters or information you recognize in my stories. She's come home to Boston after two months away, just in time to miss St. " Ramsay tilted his head in question to the girl chained in front of him. 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