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We aren’t increasing the amount that the health teachers are going to talk about sex, they’re already talking about it.

We’re not increasing the amount, we’re changing how they talk about it so that it’s not shaming, so that it’s not victim-blaming, but so that the community can respond and prevent sexual assault before it happens.

The bill also expands the topics of family and sexual relationships and changes the wording when it comes to “avoiding” sexual assault, putting an emphasis instead on prevention and deterrence.

And, while Virginia does not have any clear-cut Romeo and Juliet laws, there are certain statutory provisions that indicate some close-in-age protections do exist in certain circumstances.In Virginia, the bright-line age of consent for sexual relationships is 18-years-old.Mc Clellan: Mine focuses just on the fact that sex without consent is a crime, it is sexual assault.And I think we’ll focus on the fact that – for children – we’ve made the policy decision that 18 is the age of consent and sex younger than that does not have consent by law and is a crime – and I think it is very important for young people to learn that.88.9 WCVE’s Saraya Wintersmith has more for Virginia Currents.

Since it was created in the late 1980s, Virginia’s Family Life Education has included areas like human sexuality, abstinence and the value of marriage.The curriculum also covers STD prevention and steps to avoid sexual assault.Senator Jennifer Mc Clellan State Senator Jennifer Mc Clellan sponsored one of two partner bills set to trigger a curriculum revision.It provides that high school students can learn age-appropriate, evidence-based lessons about sexual consent beyond its legal definition.The Governor signed both bills in March, now the State Board of Education must work out exactly what the new guidelines will be. Laurie Jean Seaman is Lead Prevention Educator for the non-profit Sexual Assault Resource Agency.” We’re saying “when you begin” – which at some point – 99.9% of people will have sex at some point, this is our chance when we can actually reach them to teach them what a healthy, sexual life looks like whether it’s when you start at 30, or 50, or tomorrow – and we do know that there are kids who are starting tomorrow, Right?