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Well, it’s not that easy, especially nowadays, there are dating rules for men to follow.Back in the day, there was a certain procedure you did when you wanted to date a girl and the stakes were much higher.

No one wants to hear about your ex, especially on a first date.Yes, you can talk about your past relationships, that fine, but wait until a couple dates down the road before you unload your baggage on them. Listen, I get that you may want your ego stroked, but don’t ask her how the date is going at any point.I consider myself to be someone who likes the little things in life. I believe in the fairytale ending of happily ever after and I am hoping to find mine. Meet more people, spark more conversations and have more fun!I'm still fairly new to the area and learning my way around. [Read: How to create sparks when starting a conversation with a girl]#11 Be confident. Women like men who walk into a room with confidence and the same goes for you guys.

You want a woman who basically sweats confidence wherever she goes.

They reply with “yeah” or “cool.” Shockingly, women have brains, so you can only imagine how stimulating this must be for us.

This is one of those dating rules for men that most guys just don’t remember. If you don’t want to hear the answer, then perhaps you need to go on a date with your hand instead.

You may hear some women say that they don’t need the guy to have their date planned out. When you pick her up and ask her what she wants to do, you’ll see her eyes glaze over with slight disappointment.

You don’t need to have every minute planned, but do have at least one or two options for the date.

Even playing with your phone in your hand is a bad idea. If you can’t leave your phone for an hour, either the date isn’t going that well or you have an addiction.