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In 2014, the company purchased Alliance Boots and formed a new company “Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc.” Walgreens has since become a subsidiary of the company. I want to complain about the Manager at the store Mike Shaw. He is very RUDE to the customers and I have seen and heard him being RUDE and ARROGANT to his own employees.

The Walgreens Corporate Office is located just outside Chicago in Deerfield, Illinois. Tagged as: Walgreens address, Walgreens complaint desk, Walgreens complaints, walgreens corporate address, Walgreens corporate office headquarters, Walgreens customer complaints, walgreens headquarters, Walgreens home office, Walgreens main office, Walgreens office address, Walgreens office email, Walgreens office fax, Walgreens office phone, Walgreens office phone number Hi my name is Mary and I routinely visit the San Jacinto store at 2261 E. I was in the store recently on Sat June 16th in the pharmacy dept.

Answer 1: The phone number for Walgreens is (847) 315-2500. 2, 2018) had a problem with getting a very expensive prescription. However a pre authorization was needed from my insurance and the process started with my provider of service. I had to pay over a thousand dollars up front however because I had to have my medication.

My wife had surgery on 12/15/17 and was released from Kadlec Hospital late on Saturday evening the next day.

She was given three prescriptions to fill and it was already pm and I know the pharmacy closes at pm.

The sad part is there is a Walgreens less than 5 minutes from my home I wanted to patronize but I am now driving 15-20 minutes to a CVS to get US made generics to avoid getting so sick again. Remember we can always go to CVS, WALMART PHARMACY, OSCO DRUG, ETC! When I get back to the window I ask him for his name so I can report him and he actually had the audacity to say to me “Im not telling you”!!

I feel Walgreens should really reconsider their policy of buying the cheapest foreign drugs no matter how many of its patients they may cause harm to if they want to prevent losing customers such as me. I don’t appreciate it that what I needed wasn’t ready. Then he slams the phone down on me yet again and has someone else come help me.

I arrived about pm and as I walked up to the counter Lola asked me if I was the one needing the prescriptions for my wife.

They were waiting for me and immediately filled the prescriptions when I handed them to her.I want to thank and compliment Lola and Don the pharmacist for being willing to fill three last minute prescriptions and solving my problem.Not only were they efficient, but they were also very friendly and accommodating.Knowing I would not have time to get to my primary pharmacy before closing time the nurse called the closet pharmacy #10478 at 1601 George Washington Way in Richland, Washington. and explained our situation and the three prescriptions we were needing to fill.Lola told the nurse to have me get there as quickly as possible which I did.They let people walk around on the floor talking to people all the time instead of being on the phone, like they tell us we have to.