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Most have heard of white deer or at least thought about seeing one, but what’s the deal with albino white-tailed deer?

Albino Deer are Rare Animals that lack pigmentation and have poor eyesight are not common on the surface of the earth.

Perhaps that is why albino deer are rare: A lack of camoflauge combined with poor eyesight increase the likelyhood of fatal attacks by deer predators.

Obviously, being totally white year-round makes concealment in most deer habitat difficult.

To make matters worse, many albinos generally have poor eyesight, which is another genetic factor linked with albinism.

Scientists also monitor how animals interact with the bodies, but the reaction from the white-tailed deer was an unexpected crunch point.

The deer was scavenging when it came across the decomposing body, which had already been feasted on by vultures.” Well, although albino deer a rare for the most part, albinism is not.Albinism is typically a recessive trait found in many animals including mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and even plants!Scientists have discovered the first instance of a deer which eats human remains.The animal was caught mid-feast by a motion-sensitive camera at the Forensic Anthropology Research Facility at Texas State University, a 26-acre area where forensic scientists study how human bodies decompose in the wild.I am a girl who believes in wonders and who believes that real love still exists. ; ) Love to get girly for a night out but love to live in my worn out cut off shorts and my I am a free thinker & deep thinker. I am laid back and enjoy the little things in life.