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Find a news site, podcast or youtube channel that you like and commit yourself to actively listening to one program/song/video a day.

It’s easier to stay focused when you find media that appeals to your other interests.

This data comes from research recently published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, which looked at survey data collected from 30,000 Americans between 19.


It seems the days of shame surrounding sexual exploration are, at least, somewhat behind us.According to a new study, the rate of same-sex hookups doubled over the past 24 years, which is pretty awesome if you ask me.Ideally, it would be something just a little more advanced than where you are now, though in practical terms it is hard to find resources for every stage of learning, particularly for beginners.So for a beginner, this might mean just concentrating on picking out familiar words at first.It’s ok if there are holes in your transcript, but write down as much of it as you can.

Then listen to the whole thing again a third time, without stopping.The article included unsupported scientific evidence. He later apologized and was allowed to keep his job. Still, it might lend some evolutionary context to the reason Kary Perry kissed a girl and liked the taste of her cherry Chap Stick so much.Listening comprehension is by far the hardest of the four modes of communication to acquire.Long after I felt comfortable reading a newspaper, writing an email, or asking someone for directions in Portuguese, I still struggled to understand even simple sentences of spoken Portuguese.It’s important to realize that listening, like any other part of language learning, requires regular practice.Intermediate learners will focus on picking out phrases, and then entire sentences.