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TMZ also reports that King says she was stuttering after joking with Rose.

King said, “I’m just kidding,” followed by the statement in question.

Every generation creates its own terms as a way of expressing themselves or the times they live in.

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At her side is her loyal childhood friend and personal bodyguard, Jin Zi Cong (Lee Wei).The contest had about 1,000 contestants, and after several rounds of competition, seven contestants remained for the final round.Fellows are admitted to the Cook Leadership Academy for one or more years.Each applicant must meet the criteria of high academic achievement, active involvement in the campus community, dedication to the public good, a passion to lead, and a commitment to personal growth.He believes that are two key elements to seeking success: 1) Be curious and 2) Find what it is you are passionate about and run with it.

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Their lives take a drastic turn when they meet Shen Ruo He (Mike He), whom Sheng Xue falls deeply in love with.

Description : It started as a 3-on-3 basketball competition between two rival schools; an annual event in which the winner would control the 13th Street basketball court for the following year.

I have been divorced since 1993, so I'm all healed and everything.

The clip shows King joking that she and co-anchor Charlie Rose would be a good match.

King told TV Guide in April 2011, “In the beginning, it used to bother me.