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Harleen is a bright, young, innocent woman living in 1940s Britain.

With the country facing a daily threat of invasion, some US volunteers cross the pond to help with the ongoing fight against the enemy.

Using the connection to Voldemort, Harry begins to realize what he has to do to end the war. Will Harry's action end the war and bring changes to the wizarding world? After witnessing a murder, in one night, Bella is transformed from hotel maid to wife of Edward Cullen, an international arms dealer; after all, wives can't be forced to testify against their husbands! He's deadly, he's charming, and he's a single father with a small boy whose greatest wish is to have a mom. AH M-rated for violence, content, language The war has been over for about three years. When the Ministry sponsors a Secret Santa gift exchange two weeks before Christmas, Harry reluctantly joins.

No joke [YOUTUBE] Title: Sea of Love (Hixxy Remix) by Frisco (Techno Kitty Adventure) HD Quality - Duration: - Uploaded: 2011-07-30 - Rating: 4.948052 - Views: 20,776 - WBtt YJi Y [YOUTUBE] Title: Lavender Town Myths - Pokemon Fact of The Day - Duration: - Uploaded: 2012-07-26 - Rating: 4.898001 - Views: 1,298,930 - Cj7h6c Tp Og -! Lavender Town Syndrome was not a real thing, and did not lead to mass suicides.

- Devil 666 has joined Special: Chat This is a true story, it was 3rd period and that's when I have him, we were scheduled to have a Power Point and take notes, so when he stepped out me and my bestfriend Blake went to his computer because we had to pull up the Power Point but we went through his history and half of it was porn.

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Who would've thought the tea kettle they bought would turn out to be a lamp?

A series of events have now been set in motion and there's no stopping them. There will be a surprise return of someone later on in the story, so be prepared for that!

immortal voldemort (explained later in story)Kagome mates Inuyasha..Inuyasha was reluctant. If they can come togetether, the world will forever be changed...

All he wanted was a romantic getaway with his girlfriend.

J has just rescued Harley from Belle Reve, but Harley is not quite herself. She's having blackouts, and hearing more voices than usual. Can he get out of the manipulation of everyone with the help of his mate? Not just any fetish, but the sexiest fetish to ever be fetishized.

Follow The Joker and Harley as he tries to fix her and get revenge on Gotham for taking his girl. After Draco's entire world falls into pieces, he keeps his head up and takes back everything the wizarding world owes him, including their saviour. From the hair, to the clothes and glasses- oh God, the glasses!

Future-AU Beta read By Jenarla When Eva made the choice to open a small tattoo parlor in her hometown of Gotham, doing work on criminals was par for the course. I hope you guys enjoy this one as much as you did Finally Home! Harley has so few friends so when one makes a request of her, how could she refuse?