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Other than that there are no distinct boundaries, though where a foreign woman can get away with going is quite different from where a Nepali woman can.

Birth Control Anonymous says: Plenty of pads available in the supermarkets, especially in Kathmandu.Might be more difficult in smaller towns where there aren’t supermarkets per se (although there always seem to be pharmacies).People don’t stare here at all, but it’s still nice to be respectful.The status of women in Nepal has varied throughout history.Feminine Hygienic Products Anonymous says: Pads are found abundantly in most grocery stores and pharmacies. There are only one or two brands, usually sold in quantities of ten.

If your nearest grocery store doesn’t carry them, then the pharmacy should.

Most drivers even at night would be fine, but sometimes you encounter someone obviously drunk or on drugs, so these individuals can lower the tone.

Shady Areas for Women Anonymous says: Nepal is pretty safe.

Anonymous says: Women in Nepal are much less educated, poorer, and have worse health than men.

It’s not that you can ‘tell’ as a tourist, but the development indices are terrible.

Generally though it’s a good idea to keep skirts at or below knee length, and if you’re going to wear sleeveless tops make sure they aren’t low cut or too strappy.