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Instead Maxis added them into the game in January 2017, over two years after the base game launched.

Their addition makes The Sims 4 a much more rounded game, but the fact fans waited two years for the little tykes to arrive is a bit of a weird one.

You can pick the terrain style, make it more or less hilly and even add in environmental items like electricity pylons, trees and the like in The Sims 2.

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Thankfully, there are ways to get cars back into your game, in the form of the best Sims 4 mods, but still...There was a time in early Sims games that you could not only build houses from scratch but the entire plots too.On my phone I got the same sim adapter in combination with a micro sd.(its the same as the dualsim adapter) When I put my simcard in (what should be) sim 2 it doesn't work.Everything flows together and feels like a real town. Instead of being able to freely wander your Sims neighbourhood, you have to click on a menu to travel to a different location, watching a loading screen for any quick jaunt.

Heck to even leave your lot, you’ve got to watch a loading screen.

Heck, your little ones could ride their bikes to their pals’ houses after school and would have to be back before curfew.

The Sims 3 is great for those little touches of real life, after all, what home doesn’t come without a garage and what billionaire pad doesn’t have a collection of supercars - houses in The Sims 4 just don’t feel right without them.

Yes you can warp between different neighbourhoods, but it still makes the world feel very fragmented - and slow moving.

The Sims 5 needs to blend the open-world elements of The Sims 3 with the variety of landscapes of The Sims 4.

Rumours suggest we could expect a Sims 5 release date sometime in 2020, so potentially we could see the game officially unveiled in 2019. If Sims 4 isn't successful, there won't be a Sims 5,” said Sims 4 producer Grant Rodiek on the official Sims forums just days after the release of The Sims 4.