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Pain seems to be around a lot in current discourse.Some psychoanalysts and their institutions are experiencing profound existential pain: at the institutional level, some think psychoanalysis is endangered because modern economic, social and emotional pressures are creating patients who do not fit classical descriptions so that practice and training needs to be much less “rigid”.Presenters might be implicitly criticised by some at this point or defended by others, as though the analysts were extremely fragile.

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It can then lead to heroic or special measures to accommodate patients – for example, through feeling forced, for the sake of the survival of the patient or the analysis, to adjust fees and technique (such as whether or not to interpret transference directly) or to adjust the setting by accepting telephone, Skype or face-to-face sessions.

A particular feature of these situations is that group members are absolutely convinced either that the adjustment is or is not absolutely necessary.

Others feel this will obliterate any specific distinction between psychoanalysis and psychotherapies.

In the sessions we discuss, taken from our workshops, the psychoanalysts presenting or group members responding to presenters, often seem to feel painfully under threat and obligation, as we have noted before.

The REFA Association is considered to be Germany’s leading organisation in work design, industrial organisation and company development.

The association has transferred know-how since its foundation in 1924: for a long time through further education, for the past few years increasingly also through consulting and coaching.Saturday Evening An informal self-service buffet will be arranged for all those attending the meeting who wold like.You will receive an email invitation near the event.The workshops last for about ten hours in total and use the CCM method of discussion.The workshops are informed by the ongoing work of the CCM Association moderators for the past fifteen years.Vienna is an easy city to visit with good cafes and restaurants and many excellent museum. Our meeting place is very central and at walking distance from: City Centre, Stephans Dome, Imperial Castle: , so please apply early.