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Read more This sissy is finding this site to be more and more exciting, stimulating, enlightening and educational with each visit.

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So put on your favorite lingerie, mix yourself your favorite cocktail and dive into your favorite sissification stories – from humiliation to true life stories of transformation!So put on your favorite lingerie, mix yourself your favorite cocktail and dive into your favorites – from humiliation to true life stories of transformation!Read more Just in passing – your site is an absolute inspiration, a joy to giggle through.The endless parade of those 1950’s tucked and bobbed pink-petticoated good-little-housewife cartoons is both mood-lifting, delightfully nostalgic in a delightfully non-serious way, and strangely gratifying…As I am more or less confined to my house (physical problems), and this service is one of my…

Read more I have to say what a truly wonderful site this is.It has come like a warm comforting glow that has started to lift me out of a world of darkness. Read more The House of Sissify has encouraged me to be the real me and experiment with all sorts of idea’s.Before I started I would rarely dress up, now I can’t go a day without wearing at least panties. Read more Thank You for accepting my application and allowing me the privilege of entering the interior of Your site. i view myself as transgendered, and i have been progressing along the…Although a member of the House for a relatively short time, has learned so much and is making progress toward becoming… I was feeling so lost and lonely, until I discovered you.Read more Joining The House has been the best thing ever for this sissy. I am so eager to learn more about your happy community. Read more…I would also like to add, that i am gaining quite a bit of information from your site, and thank you for a well constructed web site that is very informational, and is providing quite a bit of insight into… i have obviously missed a lot not getting onto this site before.We have found that Our stories have become favorites of so many of our girls.