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I’ve had a really fun time following the supernatural, and I’m certainly enjoying the experience.

Without giving anything away, what can viewers expect from the show this season?

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This incredible combination leads Chloe to want to help people who are in trouble, so even though she finds herself running from bad guys, and the ones who are trying to kill her because she’s this special girl who can die nine times and people are trying to see if it’s true, and they’re trying to get rid of her and the rest of the feline race – the Mai, she still finds herself trying to help people and save people’s lives.

She’s constantly torn between the chase and having to save the day.

We have an incredible special effects make-up artist, Ed French, who won Emmys for his work. He came in, at the beginning of the season, and all of the Mai feline people had claws made, which is very cool.

We had to dip our hands in this seaweed goop and make these nails, so we have actual, physical claws that we put on.

Has it been a challenge for you to play an element of the supernatural?

SAMUELS: Playing someone supernatural is more realistic than I thought it would be.

Just everything about her, I wanted to look up to her. The things I’ve done playing Chloe King have been some of the most incredible experiences of my entire life. We’re both juniors in high school, full time, and we’ve got quirky best friends and awesome relationships with our moms.

But, I think the biggest difference, and the thing I admire most about Chloe, is her willingness to just be adventurous, take a risk, and do these incredible things.

With a mysterious figure pursuing her, and two guys – new-in-town Brian (Grey Damon) and fellow student Alek (Benjamin Stone) – capturing her interest, things are getting much more complicated.

During a recent interview, actress Skyler Samuels talked about how Chloe King was a dream role for her, how she’s as quirky as her character, the fact that she’s learned to be more adventurous from being a part of this show, that she loves playing the supernatural aspect of the role, and how much she loves her claws.

I was totally embarrassed because I accidentally said Chloe instead of my own name, but sure enough, they agreed because here I am playing Chloe King, and I’m having the time of my life. SAMUELS: Well, Chloe is definitely more of a superhero than a supernatural creature.