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Father Lukasz was ordained to the priesthood in 2015 and is currently serving at his first assignment, St. He enjoys celebrating the Eucharist for people every day and believes that one of the most important and touching ministries for him is the ministry of the sick. Lukasz said, “It’s important to visit people, anoint them, give them hope and show them that they are not alone.

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“I pictured myself on the altar celebrating Mass.” He considered the priesthood in college and found himself praying often to know God’s will for him.He was concerned about pursuing that vocation for fear that it might not be the right thing for him.As he grew into his teenage years, he went to church out of habit but found that he spent the time thinking about everything but the Mass.He recalls that one of the most difficult times for him was when his father died suddenly just after arriving home from work at the age of 54. His father’s death led him to question the meaning of life.He sadly notes, “They have so many things they are involved in with their own lives that somehow church becomes the bottom part instead of one of the priorities.

It’s hard to convince them that God is to be the center of their lives and with God, the church.” He believes that those who feel a call to priesthood should look into it.I strongly felt the presence of Jesus and asked him to accompany me throughout my life, no matter what happened.” Although sometimes he felt closer to Jesus than at other times, he believes Jesus granted his request and has been with him through both good and difficult times.He grew up in the small town of Ropczyce, Poland with his parents and two brothers.It taught me a life of compassion and wisdom.” Several years later he attended a retreat in Krakow. He recalled, “I felt a significant improvement in my life.God is now the most important thing for me, and He directs my life.” His first memories of becoming a priest were in elementary school as an altar server.He told him, “If you don’t like it, you can go somewhere else afterword.” He ended up attending the seminary high school followed by studies at Wadhams Hall Minor Seminary in Ogdensburg. You’ve always said you wanted to be a priest so don’t let this school determine who you’re going to be.” He took his father’s advice, finished up in Ogdensburg, continued on to Christ the King Seminary and eventually ordination, earning himself the status of “A lifer.” Father Dennis was ordained in 1977. Norm would play guitar and sing at Mass as well as when they were together in the evenings. Timothy Parish in Tonawanda where he currently resides. Dennis heads for a condominium he purchased as a home away from home.