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Bár még javában zajlanak a nyári táborok, már lehet is jelentkezni az októberben megrendezésre kerülő Őszi Medve Matektáborba!

Trivia is free, but good to order food and a beverage or two.

I know you will make a great contribution to the team even if you don't think you will even know any of the answers.

Here's how it works: We have no requirements on who can join, everyone is welcome!

Please complete your introduction and upload a real photo of yourself. Check out the calendar, decide which event you would like to attend and make a good faith effort to be there.

This will be the only North American stop on a limited world tour.

Are you single and ready to have an amazing time meeting other singles in your area?

You giving advice: “Yeah, girl, just tell him that you like him.” You in real life talking to your crush: “Wow, you are such a great friend, bro." You don’t want to be too obvious so when you see someone you’re interested in, instead of saying “hi” like a normal human being would, you book it in the opposite direction and avoid them.

It's not that you don't care about your friends or their relationships, because you do.

When it comes to online dating, immediate communication is normally for the thirsty…

If you happen to find yourself communicating with your new acquaintance shortly after the request has been accepted then this is actually a good sign.

The floodplain of the Santa Cruz River was extensively farmed during the Early Agricultural Period, circa 1200 BC to AD 150.