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Eventually I got tired of waiting, and contacted Professor Stuart Varden, whose outstanding website devoted to Fats Navarro guided me through building my own Fat Girl collection.We decided to go ahead with this project, with hopes of accumulating as much knowledge as possible.

Jan Evensmo added an exhaustive and invaluable solography in the late 1990s, and Coover Gazdar published his Easy Swing discography at around that same time. I have endeavored here to point out those discrepancies, and - wherever possible - to attempt to make sense of them.

Further, I have tried to detail primary sources for as much of this information as possible.

I hope that this work will be a helpful guide to other collectors in the building of their own collections. Corrections and/or additions are most welcome please e-mail me at: Wardell [email protected] Accardi May 2012 Wardell's activities with Benny Goodman and Count Basie dominated his recording activity throughout much of 1948 through 1951. Russell Conner (Goodman) have painstakingly researched these periods.

For more detailed information (solo length, tempo, etc.) please see Evensmo's web site at I am indebted to these scholars for their outstanding work: : Malcolm Walker's Wardell Gray Discography (compiled by Malcolm Walker and Don Tarrant) was unknown to me before this web site's opening in May.

Fortunately, both Benny Goodman and Count Basie recognized Wardell's genius, and he played a major role in the bands of both between 19. Russell Connor and Chris Sheridan, have covered these years in astonishing detail.

Claude Schlouch's essential Wardell discography was published in the early 1980s, and Dieter Salemann published his a few years later.

Probable personnel: Arthur Walker, John Willie Cook, Fats Palmer (Palmer Davis), William Bill Douglas (tp); Augustus Gus Chappel, Walter Woogie Harris, Druie Bess (tb); Clifton Cliff Smalls (tb, p, arr); George Scoops Carry (as, cl); Lloyd Smith (as); Kermit Scott, Wardell Gray (ts); John Williams (bar); Ren Hall (el-g); Earl Hines (p, dir); Eugene Gene Thomas (b); David Chick Booth (d); Mary Elizabeth Betty Roch (voc); Ernest Bubbles Whitman (mc); Jim Lyons (ann). Armed Forces Radio Service transcriptions feature prominently in this discography, but is not always clear when or where the performances presented on the discs took place.

The Hines recordings heard on these particular transcriptions probably come from one recording session, held on October 23 or 30, 1944.

The intended 15-CD Complete Edition series on the Masters Of Jazz label was sadly discontinued following their release of Volume 7, but the volumes that were issued remain the single most comprehensive overview of the period they cover.

A four-disc anthology issued by Proper Records in 2003 covers most of Wardell's career, but of course, it is far from comprehensive.

All titles are on CD: Savoy Jazz SVY-17125 and CD: Classics 914.