Speed dating dogs

And if you’d rather you soulmate was covered in fur, has a tail that wags furiously, and has big floppy ears—then you’re going to want to read on.

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We can imagine it will look something like this: You can also BYOD (Bring Your Own Dog) along if you want your furry friend to get in on the action and meet some eligible puppers themselves.Snacks for humans and woofers will be provided and there will be a pop-up bar too, just in case a pile of puppies isn’t enough to sooth your nerves.The first event takes place this Sunday (18th June, 2018) at and tickets are each — which you can enter a ballot for here.All profits going to the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home.Imagine no more, because this Sunday, The Newtown Hotel, Dear Pluto and Maggie’s Rescue have teamed up to bring you an entire afternoon of speed dating with doggos (and their humans).

This particular event caters to heterosexual and bi-sexual-identifying guests aged between 22 and 38. Guests will also have the chance to purchase some raffle tickets, with loads of prizes up for grabs, like a 0 dollar voucher for Pet Resorts Australia and 0 worth of dog food.

The dating world can be pretty daunting, with awkward dinners and unsatisfying chat aplenty, but now there is a new form of dating that we are ridiculously excited about. The good people from Dear Pluto have teamed up with the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home to bring dog lovers together in the best way possible — by letting them play with puppies.

The whole shindig involves putting 20 eligible singles in room together, adding in a collection of pups that you may or may not want to keep forever, and letting the humans and doggos mingle together.

Each dog will offer their potential suitor a printed card with their information on it.

People are not allowed to bring their own dogs to this event.

The upcoming development call Yarra One Apartments is being celebrated as dog-friendly, where it will include its own dog washing facilities—ideal!