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I wish it would've been the same for the men that I met on that night but alas, it wasn't. On one side of the pamphlet, there was a list of numbers and on the other was a place for us to take notes.

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Only three days later, my dear single friend and I were sitting at some high tables in a dark bar along with twelve other beautiful women and twelve single men. BUT when I did put that on the morning of, my father looked at me and said no. There, everyone was happy..the shoes were still a contentious issue. Preparation all set, my dear single friend and I headed out to the event. I knew that I couldn't face the mental process of deciding to go speed dating, choosing an outfit and wondering what kind of men were going to be there so I enlisted over half a dozen of my work colleagues, friends and family to go through it with me and let me tell you, opinions varied. I nailed my parallel parking when we got there so I felt as though that was a sign telling me that this would be worth it. He was there with his friends from the Gay Ottawa Volleyball league. He waltzed in the event space and asked us if "this was a dating thing". As we walked back to my car, my sister, my friend and I kept talking and laughing about the night. Once at my car - in its perfectly parallel-parked position - I noticed that something was placed on my windshield.

She had also noticed how the men and the women didn't really....match. Putting yourself out there in an unfamiliar situation does push you to learn something from it! There is something to be said about meeting a bunch of single people in one go without having the barrier of the internet in between but if the choice of men is going to be that limited, I am not sure it is worth the money again! Meanwhile guys, you make the rounds, aim to impress, perhaps bribe a rider for a special lady’s attention and charmingly vie for her affection. After all, when’s the last time you really went carousing with some of the city’s most eligible singles?Note: No, you cannot date your pedicab driver, but as we all work hard for your pleasure and gratuity, you’re encouraged to tip accordingly.That’s why Pdx Pedicab has partnered with Portland Best Date to create 3rd Wheel Speed Dating by pedicab.What’s better than latching onto your wingman or wing woman for another forgettable night out is trusting in your professional pedicab guide to chauffeur you and your potential hot dates around town to our favorite watering holes for a hilariously fun, fast paced afternoon of getting your flirt on and taking home a few numbers.But, yes, you can still bring those single housemates or coworkers of yours along.