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Here are some comparative specs: The TX200 Mark III represents the highest point in the evolution of the spring-piston air rifle.

All other things are the same as they are on the gun with the right-hand stock.

The rifle has baffles built into a shrouded barrel.

These are two high-end spring-piston airguns that are similar in price, features and quality.

When a buyer looks at these guns, he should not be distracted by other spring guns or even by other powerplants.

At 50 yards, the LGU put 10 pellets into less than one inch.

While the groups it shot weren’t as small as the best group shot with the TX200 Mark III, I didn’t shoot it as many times at that distance, either.

But like all other spring rifles, the shooter’s face touches the stock where all the powerplant noise gets transmitted through the facial bones.

Others will hear a quiet report, but to the shooter it will sound loud. It isn’t annoying, but the shooter will be aware that it’s there. The shape of the stock differs from the TX stock in that finger grooves are on either side of the forearm.

The shooter cannot detect any sound reduction, because the sound of the powerplant is conducted through the facial bones, but bystanders can tell the TX200 Mark III is a very quiet spring rifle.

The safety comes on automatically when the rifle’s cocked, and it’s located on the left rear of the receiver, where it favors a right-handed shooter. It certainly is heavier than you want to carry while hunting all day unless you add a sling.

The tip of the forearm ends in a decorative schnable.