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The Privacy Policy provides information about data processing carried out by Visit Denmark both as data controller and data processor.

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Visit Denmark is not responsible for any information you submit to such forums.

We may also while planning specific events with collaboration partners ask for personal data such as: Passport number, expiry date, date of birth, sex, home address, diets, allergies, spouse etc.

(l) Clickstream behavior such as which links you click on and when.

(m) Other personal data contained in your profile on third party social networks.

We also work continuously on adapting to the new General Data Protection Regulation and EU/US Privacy Shield framework for data transfers to the US.

All major decisions regarding privacy in Visit Denmark are made at a corporate level. This Privacy Policy applies to all business processes in Visit Denmark and to all Visit Denmark platforms and third party social networks.

(c) a jobseeker When you represent a partner or user of Visit Denmark, your rights are the same as if you were a private person only representing yourself.

To manage our user relations in general and to meet our user commitments, Visit Denmark requires some information about you or you being a user of our platforms and third party social networks.

“Platforms”: Websites, Newsletter database system, Image and Video database system, Tourist attractions database system.

“Third party social networks”: Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked IN “Marketing activities”: E.g.

(c) Perform deliveries in accordance with a partner/or customer agreement. (e) Improve the quality of our marketing campaigns and platforms.